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  • - The ultimate guide for the advanced home brewer.

    - Learn everything about brewing processes, maintenance and analysis.

    - Technical, in-depth and yet accessible.

    - Written in collaboration with the European Trade Association of Brewers, representing 29 countries and more than 10,000 breweries.

    This book is aimed at small brewers - professional brewers in the process of opening their own breweries or existing brewers - and focuses on quality measures to improve brewing skills and produce the best quality beer. It is the ideal guide for the advanced home brewer, who does not require 5 years of experience in a large industrial brewery or a master's degree in brewing science, and a precious resource for all small brewers looking to expand their brewing skills, improve their know-how about the brewing process and get more value and benefits from their brewing work.

  • Renee & Matthew Hahnel, two professional travel photographers, embarked on the adventure of a lifetime ... a seven month journey to every national park in America. Over the course of this epic road trip, they traveled through 39 states, two US territories, drove over 25,000 miles, took 26 flights, and hiked hundreds of miles across some of the most dramatic landscapes on the planet.
    Roaming America tells their story through breathtaking imagery and musings from the road that will set your wanderlust into overdrive. The Hahnel's also share their personal experiences, and give away their insider tips to help you plan your own national parks adventure!

  • Dreaming big propels you forward. But it is often a bumpy road. In this book, two remarkable women unravel 15 persistent myths about the path to success and finding happiness in life and work, both from their own experiences and from their daily interactions with professionals. They want to encourage people to set themselves free from such myths and to pursue their dreams with confidence and optimism. In this inspiring book they share their personal stories, stimulating testimonies, and relevant scientific knowledge.

    Is the perfect job out there? How do you define success? Is it only about climbing the ladder? Does everything have to be planned out, preferably before your thirties? And what about so-called work-life balance? Discover their answers to all of these questions, and so much more.

    A book about dreaming big, lifelong learning, and daring to jump.

  • Features recipes from within the cultural and religious melting pot of Jerusalem. From soups (spicy frikkeh soup with meatballs), meat and fish, vegetables and salads (spicy beetroot, leek and walnut salad), pulses and grains, to cakes and desserts, this title is packed with beautiful food and photography.

  • Anglais Miracle Morning

    Hal Elrod

    • Hodder
    • 7 Janvier 2016

    Win the morning, win the day. Boils down personal development into six key practices known as the 'Life S.A.V.E.R.S.' Billed as }The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up{ meets }Think & Grow Rich{.

  • Septime : La Cave, Clamato, D'une île Nouv.

    French cuisine for today's kitchens. An evocative, intimate food monograph by the duo behind one of the most acclaimed restaurant collections in France - the Michelin starred restaurant group that has moved French cuisine from the ceremony and grandeur of haute cuisine to a lighter, fresher and more approachable style of cooking.

    This much-anticipated debut book celebrates ten years of chef Bertrand Grébaut and partner Théophile Pourriat's success. Its highly inspiring recipes demonstrate how they have moved French cuisine away from the ceremony and grandeur of haute cuisine. By introducing an air of simplicity and modernity to their cooking, they gained a legion of admirers, not only for their much-praised Parisian restaurant Septime but for their work in all four of their premises featured in the book. With a preface by acclaimed chef Alain Passard and natural winemaker Thierry Puzelat.

  • Anglais Rum

    Isabel Boons; Tom Neijens

    • Lannoo
    • 23 Mai 2018

    "The diversity of flavours and colours of rum is as rich as the history and culture that surrounds this alcoholic beverage.
    This guide provides an overview of more than 300 different types of rum and then categorizes them using an innovative taste model. For every rum, you receive a clear overview of its origins, taste and aroma. In addition, you can read all about the different types of rum, the production and maturing process, the perfect serve and the best cocktails."

  • Anglais Wodka

    Frédéric Du Bois; Isabel Boons

    • Lannoo
    • 11 Septembre 2018

    For a long time already, vodka has been more than just Russia and Poland's national drink. From Asia and Great-Britain to the United States: this fire water has conquered the world and is now the most sold spirit internationally. The term 'fire water' refers to its most distinguishable quality: a neutral spirit, without smell and with a pure taste. It turned vodka also into a barkeeper's best friend and the basis of every Cosmopolitan, Moscow Mule or Bloody Mary.

  • Anglais Dare to jump ENG

    Cedric Dumont

    • Lannoo
    • 3 Septembre 2020

    Empower success in disruptive times.
    Set your priorities.
    Create resilience, embrace change.
    Accept your fear.
    Use uncertainty to reinvent yourself.
    Own your actions.
    Discover the Why Power.
    Give up control.
    Stop wishing, start doing Shift towards a mindset without limits.

    Experienced base jumpers and other extreme athletes share a guiding principle: selfawareness. The way you think and the choices you make determine who you are and who you become. If you know yourself you are decisive, you dare to take risks, you follow your own path and you are open to change. In this way, your fear can motivate you to push your limits. This principle also applies to professionals who strive for high performance from themselves and from their teams. If you want a positive drive behind your performance, and you really want to reach your next level, you must get to know yourself.

    Dare to Jump helps you overcome your fear and offers three power skills in becoming the best version of yourself: a limitless mindset, a laser focus and creating trust. It teaches you why focus is the new IQ, how you can train yourself to get into a state of flow, and how to build trust without limits within your team.

  • The Belgian Beer Book is a handy compass to guide you on your travels across our beer country of Belgium. Take a look with us at Belgian café culture and share our personal selection of specialty beer cafés. We dissect the secrets of the brewing process which takes us seamlessly to the hugely popular final product that we categorise in various beer styles and beer types.

    Do not expect any lists or rankings but you can look forward to an interpretation and taste analysis of no fewer than 133 beers. Practical tips to store, pour, tap and taste all these delicacies are included, of course. We thoroughly enjoy a good glass of beer at the table and so we would like to treat you to several successful food pairings. We consulted several chefs, who reveal the secrets of their beer cuisine to you.

    Finally, our handy guide will help you plan your next brewery visit. There is no better way to discover the birthplace of your beloved beers.

    In Belgium people take their time to make a good beer. Take your own time to travel around our beer country. And above all, don't forget to enjoy yourself... with a good glass of beer. Santé!

  • les deux nouvelles de jack london présentées ici témoignent une fois encore, et avec une écriture superbe, de ses désillusions dans sa quête du paradis perdu.
    the chinago (le chinois) : ah cho, l'ouvrier chinois condamné pour un meurtre qu'il n'a pas commis, ne peut croire qu'il sera exécuté. mais la brutalité du système colonial ne lui laissera aucune chance. jack london relate ce fait divers authentique en nous faisant percevoir l'indifférence des puissants et la vanité de tout espoir pour les humbles. the house of mapuhi (la maison de mapuhi) : la vie dans les îles du sud, si elle peut être idyllique, recèle quelques dangers mortels.
    les plongeurs de perles s'exposent à des risques inouïs, mais quand ils trouvent la perle, comme ce fut le cas de mapuhi, ils peuvent espérer en tirer un grand profit. les magouilles des intermédiaires réduiront les espoirs de mapuhi quasiment à néant. toutefois, un cyclone énorme, cet autre danger des îles, rétablira à son avantage une situation désespérée. (la série bilingue propose : une traduction fidèle et intégrale, accompagnée de nombreuses notes ; une méthode originale de perfectionnement par un contact direct avec les ouvres d'auteurs étrangers.

  • Cet ouvrage présente les 143 plus belles pierres de la collection de minéraux que Roger Caillois a léguée au Muséum national d'histoire naturelle de Paris, ainsi que la réédition des célèbres textes Pierres, L'Écriture des pierres et Agates paradoxales. Homme de lettres et compagnon du mouvement surréaliste, Roger Caillois s'intéresse très tôt au monde minéral dont les formes évoquent pour lui des figures de l'imaginaire. Dès les années 1950, il commence à collectionner des minéraux du monde entier, des « pierres curieuses, qui attirent l'attention par quelque anomalie de leur forme ou par quelque bizarrerie significative de dessin ou de couleur ». Toutes possèdent « une ressemblance inattendue, improbable et pourtant naturelle, qui provoque la fascination ». Agates, pyrites, quartz, jaspe... elles sont autant de fragments de l'univers, d'un monde où rêve et poésie dessinent des analogies avec le monde végétal et animal mais aussi avec celui des hommes.

  • "Femme de Champagne" Ce bel ouvrage mêle l'amour du champagne à celui de la gastronomie. On y trouve les élèments nécessaires à la découverte du terroir et de la champagnisation, ainsi qu'un univers de recettes gourmandes, qui mettra en valeur la dégustation du précieux nectar. Grâce à ce livre, vous pourrez conjuguer le champagne avec chacun des moments clés du repas. De l'amuse-bouche au dessert, en passant par les fruits de mer, volailles, viandes et autres chairs, toutes ces multiples recettes renouvellent à l'envi la fête du champagne. L'auteur, Carol Duval-Leroy, femme de Champagne et cuisinière accomplie, a consigné ici ses expériences culinaires, afin que chacun puisse reproduire les conditions d'une dégustation idyllique. De nombreuses photographies permettent de détailler la préparation des mets : ainsi, l'alchimie du mariage réussi se reproduira dans votre propre cuisine, en toute simplicité. Désormais, plus d'errance possible dans le choix d'un menu. Des propositions dignes d'un cordon bleu accompagneront votre dégustation, afin que les champagnes et les plats se magnifient les uns les autres, dans une explosion de saveurs.

  • Anglais Détox


    Detoxing your body is one of the simplest and most effective ways to feel energised and healthy. Detox contains four plans: the one-day mono food detox, the weekend detox, the seven day detox and the two-week detox. Each includes a menu plan and fabulous recipes for every meal.

  • At home : autumn-winter Nouv.

    For the first time, Hélène Darroze, in this book, offers us recipes that she cooked, created and photographed, at her home, with her two daughters. You'll discover glimpses of this intimate setting through her grandmother's chequered tablecloth, her personal photos, her tips and secrets, as well as in the famous dishes of her native South-western France. It is a return to one's sources in which one cooks with good products, with tenderness and passion, for those one loves: the best ingredients to make spontaneous, generous, authentic and irresistible recipes!

    You'll find over 50 recipes among which: «Honey-glazed pumpkin soup,» «Potato and Béarnaise andouille cake,» «Tarte tatin with chicory heads and cumin,» «Risotto with ceps,» «Hake from Saint-Jean-de-Luz 'Ttoro' style,» «Milk-fed leg of lamb from the Pyrénées roasted with garlic,» «Blanquette of veal,» «Pork sausage with whole-grain mustard,» «Lemon loaf,» «'Grandmother's' apple tart,» «Melting chocolate cake,» etc.

  • Surfing

    Jim Heimann

    • Taschen
    • 22 Janvier 2016

    This platinum tome is the most comprehensive visual history of surfing to-date, marking a major cultural event as much as a publication. Following three and a half years of meticulous research, it brings together more than 900 images to chart the evolution of surfing as a sport, a lifestyle, and a philosophy.

    The book is arranged into five chronological chapters, tracing surfing culture from the first recorded European contact in 1778 by Captain James Cook to the global and multi-platform phenomenon of today. Utilizing institutions, collections, and photographic archives from around the world, and with accompanying essays by the world's top surf journalists, it celebrates the sport on and off the water, as a community of 20 million practitionersand countless more devotees, and as a leading influence on fashion, film, art, and music.

    An unrivaled tribute to the breadth, complexity, and richness of surfing, this book is a must-have for any serious player on the surfing scene and anybody who aspires to the surfing lifestyle. As one surfing scribe has declared «There has never been a book like this, and there will never be another one again.»

  • Stylées, twistées, revisitées et toujours inspirées, simples ou plus sophistiquées, les recettes de Motoko Okuno nous invitent à la découverte du Japon à travers plus de 30 recettes : sushis de barbue et gelée de ponzu, bar mariné au yuzu et à la fleur de sel, gyozas, tofu grillé à la sauce miso, bento tricolore... Autant d'idées pour des mets savoureux, respectueux des saisons, qui mettent l'eau à la bouche mais qui ne pèsent pas trop sur la balance. Expliquée pas à pas avec des photos, la préparation des makis, notamment, n'aura jamais paru aussi simple. Le Japon enfin à porter de baguettes !

  • Architecture traditionnelle et design de pointe se rejoignent dans ce panorama de l'habitat asiatique. Grâce à son format compact, il vous permet d'emporter partout avec vous un petit coin de paradis, et de découvrir une multitude de demeures à travers le Tibet, le Népal, l'Inde, le Sri Lanka, la Birmanie, la Thaïlande, le Laos, le Cambodge, Singapour ou la Malaisie.

    Zen, apaisante, mystique, méditative... Les mots manquent pour dépeindre les plus beaux intérieurs d'Asie. Un monastère doré du Tibet, une plantation au Sri Lanka, une villa privée en Thaïlande, chacun des havres de paix présentés dans ce livre est aussi remarquable par l'esthétique que par l'esprit.

    Vous y découvrirez 46 lieux d'exception à travers le Tibet, le Népal, l'Inde, le Sri Lanka, la Birmanie, la Thaïlande, le Laos, le Cambodge, Singapour ou la Malaisie. Parmi ses temps forts, vous visiterez les traditionnelles maisons sur pilotis birmanes, l'époustouflant palais indien de Shiv Niwas, où passe James Bond dans Octopussy, des temples cambodgiens, une barge à riz transformée en maison flottante en Thaïlande, un appartement surplombant les gratte-ciel de Singapour, la «Blue Mansion», cette sublime maison avec cour indigo qui figure dans le film Indochine, un jardin à couper le souffle conçu par l'architecte sri-lankais Geoffrey Bawa et bien d'autres merveilles.

  • Anglais Desserts


    Whether you want something cool, light and refreshing or warm, comforting and indulgent, this title covers desserts that are sure to hit the spot.

  • The Élysée Palace, the Prime Minister's Residence, the Quai d'Orsay, the Ministries for Finance, Agriculture and Overseas France, the French Embassies in Rome, Cairo and Ottawa, the French Consulate in New York, the Prefectures for Yvelines, Brittany and Alsace: the dishes created by these institutions' chefs reflect the great diversity of French gastronomy.
    This book is a collection of recipes, selected by Guillaume Gomez, Chef de Cuisine at the Élysée Palace and president of the association Les Cuisiniers de la République Française.
    Joining him in this presentation are some of the privileged guests at state dinners: Roselyne Bachelot, editorialist, author, and former minister for several French governments; Philippe Faure, Ambassador of France and co-director of the Paris Food Forum; Jean-Robert Pitte, geographer and president of the French Mission for Heritage and Food Cultures.
    France's culinaryand culturalreputation is championed in the Republic's kitchens: a daily challenge which is saluted by Brigitte Macron, together with Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and Valérie Trierweiler.

  • About the fascination of a magic moment.

    Join Dominik and Biliana on an intense road trip to the best surf spots in Europe along the wild and romantic coast between Northern France and Southern Spain, which is also a quest for the soul of surfing.

    "The Flow" presents unique and exceptional people from all over the world the artist couple met along the way. The authentic portraits, coupled with beautiful nature photography, and the very personal, sometimes touching, sometimes crazy, stories, show a variety of motivations and lifestyles, far away from the usual surfing clichés. As different as their protagonists and their stories are, everybody has one thing in common: the desire and longing for the sea and the waves -in search of adrenalin and freedom.

    The book is an inspiring and emotional journey for the search of one's own "Flow".

  • Partez en immersion avec le photographe Olivier LARREY et l'aquarelliste Yves FAGNIART à la rencontre des animaux emblématiques de l'arctique européen, de l'Islande au Spitzberg. Ce livre d'exception imprimé sur du papier d'art est l'oeuvre de deux regards croisés de deux artistes qui ont su immortaliser sur le vif et avec beauté de nombreuses scènes dans des conditions climatiques parfois difficiles.
    Le photographe, Olivier LARREY a réalisé un travail photographique autour du noir & blanc pour donner des lectures simplifiées des scènes de vie. Les images ont été réalisées à l'occasion de 14 voyages, entre 2011 et 2019. D'ours en renards, de phoques en morses, toute la grande faune de l'arctique est présentée dans cet ouvrage. Ce grand voyage a aussi été l'occasion de tourner un film avec Tanguy Dumortier, réalisateur et présentateur de l'émission "le jardin extraordinaire" en Belgique.
    Ouvrage d'art bilingue français / anglais.
    Livre + Film de 46 min.

  • Anglais Raw

    Solla Eiriksdottir

    Raw, by acclaimed Icelandic cook Solla Eiriksdóttir, was first published in 2016, when the concept of raw food was relatively new.
    Now a widely accepted route to healthy eating, her book features 75 healthy and delicious mainly raw recipes, introducing readers to an approach to ethical and sustainable eating that has found its way into the everyday diets of people around the world. Divided into five chapters - breakfast, snacks, light lunches, main dishes, and sweet treats - the book abounds with bright, fresh tastes such as turmeric tostadas, quinoa pizza, kelp noodles with tofu, and vegan vanilla ice cream.
    - Award-wining cook Solla Eiríksdóttir is the owner of Gló in Reykjavik - Iceland's most popular vegetarian and raw-food restaurant. She opened Gló twenty years ago, and today runs five successful restaurants, an organic market, and her own organic food brand.
    She has published five cookbooks and her cuisine has gained an international reputation.
    Key Selling Points - Now available in paperback - bringing this exciting, groundbreaking recipe collection to a new audience of health-conscious home cooks - Every recipe in this delicious selection of plant- based dishes is vegetarian, and many are raw, vegan, and/or gluten-free, making it ideally suited for a wide range of appetites and dietary requirements - The approach capitalizes on the global movement toward vegetable-based cuisine - which has now evolved from a food trend to a genuine lifestyle preference for millions of people around the world - Gorgeous photographs exemplify the book's focus on simple ingredients and clean living